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From quality
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At Vlitix everything revolves around quality. Your Vlitix consultant assists large and medium-sized businesses with the development, management and improvement of all their quality processes. Opted for Vlitix? Then quality is about to evolve from a cost to a true quality mindset that will pay for itself many times over for you’ll see your efficiency increase and your costs and complaints reduce.

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Quality coaching
and consultancy

Do you have the feeling that quality in your business is all too often just another expense? If so, you are missing out on many an opportunity because an efficient quality management leads to fewer quality issues and greater cost savings.

Your Vlitix consultant will call out with an open mind and will accompany you throughout your journey towards a new quality policy where added value takes centre stage. This is how your quality management will evolve from ‘fire-fighting’ to a structural approach with real ownership of quality.

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Quality coaching and consultancy

Quality audit

Working with suppliers requires a similar mindset as regards quality standards. How better to achieve that than with a targeted quality audit that examines the current state of play, identifies issues and offers you a concrete improvement plan there and then?

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From challenge
to ownership

Vlitix Managing Director Bart Bosch looks back on 30 years’ experience in various roles within quality management. He now deploys that experience to elevate the quality processes of large and medium-sized businesses to higher level. The result: concrete quality ownership with greater efficiency and fewer costs.

Thanks to the concrete quality improvement actions that lead to a true quality mindset with fewer quality-related complaints and greater efficiency your Vlitix consultant will work out for you, you get to enjoy genuine added value from day one.

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Raise your quality management to a higher level in ten weeks

Thanks to our Quality Tools & Improvement program we teach you how to enhance the development of your quality systems in 4 steps. From setting qualitative KPIs to spotting sound investments, Coach and Managing Director Bart Bosch will guide you through this informative program!

With weekly video calls and email support we build your qualitative targets together! And what's in it for you? A small investment that produces major results! Because you will finally be able to translate your work into financial targets.

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