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Quality control
from A to Z

Quality is not a cost but a mindset. With that attitude, Vlitix scrutinises your business’s quality policy. The result: added value from day one: fewer complaints and greater efficiency.

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From intake
to action

  • Interested in a Vlitix coaching and consultancy programme? Then we’ll sit down together and carefully listen to your business’s objectives first. During the intake meeting we assess which consultant will suit you best and examine what your quality policy is currently like.

  • On the basis of that intake meeting, we determine what quality actions are in order. At the same time, we look at all your existing processes and procedures and actively look for examples of how your business is implementing its quality control right now. During this first stage, we familiarise ourselves with your corporate culture and keep our eyes and ears wide open. We analyse any complaints you have received, scrutinise internal quality deviations and take a look at your cost control.

  • After the analysis phase, it’s time for action. We actively start fostering change by talking with the various quality owners within your business. From them we learn how your system of quality processes and procedures works and where the sticking points and opportunities are.


Towards a
fixed structure

All too often, we see that, in practice, fixed quality structures are few and far between. This makes that quality managers are constantly under the impression that they are on a fire-fighting mission and, hence, are unable to engage in quality management in a structured manner. By taking concrete corrective action, we move towards ownership of quality together. Quality becomes a mindset that produces concrete results: the number of complaints reduces and efficiency increases. The result:

  • time-saving allowing you to free up more time for other tasks that do have added value.
  • cost saving with financial added value

quality audits

Balanced quality management does not stop with your own business. Also from your suppliers you are entitled to expect that they meet all the requisite quality standards. But how can you be sure of that? By asking Vlitix to carry out a supplier quality audit! During this audit, we represent you as our client and take a close look at all your concerns.

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Improvement plan
with follow-up

Your Vlitix consultant will visit your supplier for an audit and will critically review all its quality and production processes. You can expect our audit report in your inbox within ten working days of that meeting. At Vlitix, that plan never remains a dead letter because we actively follow up the improvement actions. Once your supplier has received our audit report, we also assess its improvement plan. We do so by monitoring your supplier’s individual actions on the basis of objective proof that they have been implemented. This gives you the peace of mind that all your suppliers are au fait with all the relevant quality standards.


Go for added

Are you actively seeking to implement a dynamic quality policy with structural foundations so that you no longer end up shutting the door after the horse has bolted? In that case, you’ll find Vlitix at your service. Take control of your quality management today and enhance your efficiency with clearly measurable results!

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